Metal Detector

Metal Detector

Detect and remove the metal impurities mixed in the product during the production process. Once the metal impurities enter the magnetic field area, the metal detector can detect the existence of metal impurities and generate an alarm signal, and the system will automatically remove the metal impurities according to the alarm signal.

  • The whole set of sensors is the improved type and moved to the side to avoid interference with the main driving components.
  • The sensor distinctly enhances its stability and sensitivity after the improvement and it is applicable for the detection of food and toys. And oilcan detect iron and stainless steel.
  • The sensitivity to iron and non-iron is adjustable, it can detect different materials such as iron, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.
  • Two LED lights separately show the signal of iron and non-iron. It is easy to operate and has a strong inhibition ability to the effects of aquatic products, frozen food, preserved food, etc.


Model 4012 4015 4020 4025 5025
Sensitivity Fe??mm?? 0.80  1.00  1.50  1.50  2.00 
Sensitivity Sus??mm?? 1.5 2 3 3 3.5
Detection Height ??mm??  120 150 200 250 250
Detection Width ??mm??  400 400 400 400 500
Power Supply 220V, 50Hz / 60Hz, 0.2kW
Belt Speed ??m / min??  20
Alarm Method Alarm to stop or reject




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