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Pasta Form Fill Seal Vffs Machine Macaroni Pasta Packaging Machine

Pasta automatic packaging machines are divided into pouch packaging machines, horizontal packaging machines, and vertical packaging machines. These packaging machines can all package pasta, macaroni, dry short pasta macaroni, spaghetti pasta, long cut pasta, fettuccine pasta, linguine pasta, penne pasta, rigatoni pasta, farfalle pasta, orecchiette pasta, gnocchi etc.

The weight range of the pasta granule packaging machine is 1-10kg. The packaging bag type can be selected according to the needs: back sealing, three-side sealing, four-side sealing, gusset bag, back-sealing bag, four-side ironing bag type, perforated bag, etc., independent Bags (premade bags): four-side sealing bags, zipper stand-up bags, eight-side sealing zipper bags, etc.

We can choose the material of the packaging bag of the pasta granule packaging machine according to our needs: composite film or PE film. The weighing tool can be weighed and measured according to the shape of the packaged product, etc.

What kind of granule packaging machine do you need to choose for packaging pasta? You need to give a specific packaging plan based on your packaging needs. Please contact us.



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