On the subject of service, SOONKPACK work group-widely together. Our target is to provide our customers with a consistent support. Reachability, fast availability and a worldwide team of competent service engineers guarantee perfect service for your economic success.

Solution Proposal

SOONKPACK provides packaging machinery and provides customers with packaging solutions suitable for current enterprise, such as making the packaging plan, production, debugging, maintenance.

No matter what problems or requirements you have in product packaging, our professional solutions will be proposed with any of your information as follows:

  • Provide you a list of accurate analysis based on your needs.
  • Upgrade or replace the product packaging process.
  • A description on your production output requirement.
  • A specified requirement of your finished product.
  • Other information of your packing machine production request.
Take a quick review of our machines for your request?
  • Granule Packaging Machine
  • Powder Packaging Machine
  • Liquid Packaging Machine
  • Fully Automatic Packaging Line

    Besides, SOONKPACK high skilled-engineering team can also provide you the following specified technical solutions:

    • Enhancement Technologies
    • System Engineering and Consulting
    • Digital Solutions and software
    • Tooling

    Order Confirmation

    As soon as your request is received, our relevant sales manager who have professional knowledge of premium packaging machinery, will contact you immediately to have a closer follow-up and accurate understanding of your request.

    Under the professional analysis and evaluation of your request by SOONKPACK professional technical support team, our sales manager will send you a precise professional quotation proposal for your confirmation.

    Once the proposal is confirmed, a final sales order will be submitted for your approval and confirmation with the items listed as follows:

    • Necessary order relative Information.
    • A confirmed product list with pricing.
    • Terms of payment, delivery, lead-time and warranty.
    • Other agreed clauses e.g., technical support.

    As soon as the sales order is signed by both parties and the agreed down-payment transaction is received at SOONKPACK assigned bank account, the order fulfilment will start immediately in SOONKPACK internal order system.

    Order Delivery

    Under precise and real-time manufacturing and quality control, all the parts and machines will be produced 100% based on our committed specifications and standard. “What we deliver what we promise” is always the key to drive SOONKPACK business growth.

    Before shipping, SOONKPACK will do the 100% checking of the listed items for each order:

    • BOM checking with specifications & standard.
    • Safety & performance testing of single packing machine.
    • Pre-implementation trial run before Exit-work.
    • Parts & component inspection by a packing list.
    • Final package, label, and user guide, et.

    With over 15 years international business experience, SOONKPACK has been very professional at long-distanced oversea transportation protection and troubleshooting.

    Working closely with the assigned logistic parties and our local service team, SOONKPACK is fully capable to guarantee the excellent delivery of your project on time. Meantime, we are also flexible to deliver the machines to your location according to the unexpected situation of your site readiness and project timeframe delay.

    Implementation Support

    SOONKPACK well understands that the implementation of safety and efficiency plays an important role in the process of packing machine production line setup or the retrofitting of existing plant, especially for an international machinery deal.

    However, in practice there is usually only very little time for implementation. How does SOONKPACK  perfectly solve most of the troubles might appear during the field implementation service?

    Here listed the essential of our implementation support as follows:

    • Local team with fast reaction and execution capability.
    • Precise fiend pre-measurement and analysis before solution.
    • Excellent Pre-implementation trial run before Ex-work.
    • Sufficient parts, tools & instruction preparation in advance.
    • Consistent and effective technical training program.
    • HQ experienced technical experts ready for 24-hour online support.
    • High-efficient teamwork procedure of SOONKPACK culture.

    After-sale Warranty

    SOONKPACK fully understands that every minute of machine downtime impacts your company’s bottom line. Our provides 24-Hour Online Technical Support to help you prevent or reduce downtime and keep production running smoothly.

    When you connect, we can instantly access detailed data on your machinery, perform remote diagnostics and recommend the right fix, often within minutes. If complex needs arise, our technical support professionals also make time to give you the support and service you need.

    Our service professionals can help you:

    • Online diagnose and troubleshoot.
    • Assess & optimize machine performance.
    • Identify & replacement of defective parts.
    • Professional training for technical support.
    • Routine and preventive maintenance guidelines.
    • Further upgrading solutions for capacity or capability extension.