SOONKPACK has a strong ability to provide professional one-stop solutions for the individual needs of the food packaging machine industry, vertical packaging machine or hardware packaging machine industry. According to your needs, specifications and financial budget, SOONKPACK will provide you with precise solutions with high-quality service.

  • Food Packaging Machine Solutions

    We offer a wide range of food packaging machines, specially designed for production line solutions for weighing, filling, bagging, and wrapping. Whether it is wrapping the beans, puffed foods, pet foods, snack foods filling into bags, or fully automatic packaging machine production lines, we all provide food packaging machine solutions for all production requirements and budgets. Our well-trained professionals can walk you through how you can further automate the food packaging process through meaningful solutions.

  • Hardware Packaging Machine Solutions

    Soonkpack offers a wide range of packaging machines for the hardware industry, designed for weighing, counting, manual unloading and line solutions. Whether it’s bagging hardware products such as nuts, springs, furniture accessories, or a fully automatic packaging machine line, we have hardware packaging machine solutions for all production requirements and budgets. Our trained professionals can guide you through how we can further automate your hardware industry packaging process with meaningful solutions.

  • Frozen Food Packaging Machine Solutions

    Frozen products require unique and innovative packaging solutions. Customers turn to us for flexible machine options to pack shrimp, lobster, frozen dumplings, scallops and more. We offer a variety of frozen food packaging machines to meet your packaging needs. Whether you want to preserve freshness, create eye-catching packaging, or both, we’ll work together to find the right option for your unique vision. We can provide endless opportunities for flow packaging and hot sealing packaging. We have frozen food packaging machine solutions for any packaging need. Our products range from manual packaging machines to fully automatic packaging lines with integrated.