Hardware Packaging Machine Solutions

Soonkpack offers a wide range of packaging machines for the hardware industry, designed for weighing, counting, manual unloading and line solutions. Whether it’s bagging hardware products such as nuts, springs, furniture accessories, or a fully automatic packaging machine line, we have hardware packaging machine solutions for all production requirements and budgets. Our trained professionals can guide you through how we can further automate your hardware industry packaging process with meaningful solutions.

Factory Solutions (Customers)

Factory Solutions (Customers)

Common Problem

There are too many types of hardware, and the number is complicated, which leads to low packaging efficiency.


We are a trusted manufacturer of hardware packaging machinery in China, and with our hardware packaging machinery equipment, we can urgently respond to the urgent need for speed and quality. 

Specific Products Include

There are too many types of hardware, and the number of complex numbers leads to low packaging efficiency. In this case, it is recommended to use the weighing method as the unit of measurement. The automatic weighing packaging machine replaces the counting packaging machine. Versatile and easy to use, hardware packaging machines have many features to simplify your automated packaging process.

Multiple Guarantees

1. Large-capacity factories and efficient production lines meet key delivery points.

2. Unique modular assembly provides flexibility.

3. Proven track record in projects in various fields.

4. 1-year warranty support.

5. Servo motor control, touch screen, and PLC control system.

6. All our hardware packaging machines have passed CE, IOS9001, and SGS certifications.

7. Have professional after-sales engineers and sales staff with high-quality and professional knowledge.

Dealer Solutions

Common Problem

It is difficult to debug the hardware packaging machines and is not familiar with the machine.


When you cooperate with us, you can access our extensive knowledge, experience and industry insights on all the latest products and materials (extensive products, standardisation and repeatability, inspiration, technical support, modular solutions, quality control, etc.). Trained professionals directly train you how to further automate the packaging process of hardware packaging machines through helpful solutions.

Commissioning and Training Support

1. Professional Certification.

2. Our packaging machinery is designed and manufactured to suit your specific application.

3. Product knowledge training and sales skills training.

4. Provide various machine installation videos and operation videos.

Hardware Packaging Machine Solutions



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