How to choose the right sugar packaging machine

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White sugar is often used in our lives. For example, when making desserts and cakes, we need to use white sugar. When drinking coffee, we also need to add some white sugar. White sugar is widely used.

While white sugar is widely used, when we produce and package white sugar, its packaging weight and bag requirements are different. Therefore, when packaging sugar, we choose a sugar packaging machine differently. Today, soonkpack editor will introduce to you how to choose a suitable sugar packaging machine.

If the sugar you need to package is a small package of coffee mate sugar, and the weight of the package is about 5-10 grams, we can choose a vertical small automatic packaging machine to package the sugar. The measuring device used is an opening and closing device. The measuring cup turntable device on the door has fast dosing speed and good effect. You can choose back sealing, three-side sealing or four-side sealing bag type according to your needs.

If you need to package sugar, the weight is around 500g or 1000g (for example, there are more weights), and the packaging bag is an ordinary back-seal bag, we can choose our 420 vertical automatic packaging machine for packaging , the measuring device also used is a measuring cup turntable metering device with opening and closing doors for fully automatic weighing and quantitative packaging.

If your bag is a ready-made bag (as shown below) for packaging sugar, we can choose to package it in a bag-type automatic packaging machine. We can also choose a measuring cup metering device or a linear scale for weighing and quantification.


The above suggestions are for fully automatic sugar packaging machines used by manufacturers with large and single production output. If the output is small, it is recommended to use a semi-automatic sugar packaging machine for manual and semi-automatic packaging.

No matter which style of sugar packaging machine you use, they all have the same characteristics. It has the characteristics of accurate measurement, accurate filling, adjustable speed, easy to use, efficient and intelligent. This is also the advantage of sugar packaging machine. Under normal circumstances, when packaging sugar, we use automatic granule packaging machines.

If you still don’t understand the above introduction, you can contact us. You can tell us the weight of each pack of sugar you need to pack, as well as the size of the bag or the picture of the bag. Our business technical manager will give you a lot of help. Detailed introduction and provide you with detailed plans and quotations based on your actual needs

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