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 In daily life, we can see sauce products everywhere. Generally, the sauces we see come in bags, bottles, and cans.


   The sauce products packaged by Vertical liquid sauce packaging machine  are mainly packed in bags. The bag types generally include back sealing, three-side sealing, and four-side sealing, which are transparent and common bag types!

What we see most on the market are instant noodles, snail noodles, fast food and other products. The bagged sauce products can basically be packaged by our Vertical liquid sauce packaging machine! For the sauce. We generally see sauce products such as tomato sauce, chili sauce, soup dumplings, meat sauce, beef sauce, jam, pickled plum sauce, fruit and vegetable sauce, etc.!

When a customer said they needed to pack 10 grams of liquid tomato sauce, we knew without hesitation that this inventory could be packed using our Vertical liquid sauce packaging machine. Why? Because ketchup is very fluid, and it does not draw strings during the flow process and stops flowing quickly. 10 grams is the bag size within the range, so during filling, the liquid pump pipe can be inserted into the bag for filling, and the pure sauce will not be blocked in the pipe. So it packs nicely!


If the Vertical liquid sauce packaging machine is used to package honey, syrup and other products, because these products will draw strings, when the Vertical liquid sauce packaging machine is filling and packaging, if the products continue to draw strings, it will be easy to pinch the material during sealing and the sealing will not be possible. Sturdy and leaky! Therefore, honey and syrup drawn products are very difficult to package!


  If the Vertical liquid sauce packaging machine packages chili sauce products, and the chili sauce contains very hard granular products, and the weight of the package is relatively small, then the liquid pump pipeline will be very small during filling and packaging. It is easy to block the outlet, but if you say that the pipe can be replaced with a larger one, but your bag is fixed to a small size, the pipe cannot be inserted into the bag.


   If you need to pack products with large particles in large packages of more than 1kg. For example, hot sauce granular sauce, beef sauce (with granules), pork sauce, we can use a large Vertical liquid sauce packaging machine for packaging. Because its bag is large, and the pipe of the large Vertical liquid sauce packaging machine is also large, it will not cause blockage!


  Therefore, when selling Vertical liquid sauce packaging machine, understanding these principles can provide customers with better and more suitable packaging solutions. If you, as a purchaser, understand these principles, you will not be fooled into buying unusable machinery and cause inconvenience. Necessary loss!

Soonkpack has been specialized in manufacturing automatic packaging machinery source factory for 16 years. If you also need to use automation to replace manual packaging, if you have any questions during the selection of packaging machine, please contact us for advice or suggestions!

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