How to Check Python Package Version from Command Line

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  • 2024-05-15
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Checking Python Package Versions via Command Line

Keeping your Python packages up to date is essential for ensuring your code runs smoothly and securely. One crucial aspect of managing your Python environment is being able to check the versions of installed packages. In this blog post, we will explore how to perform this task efficiently.

Method 1: Utilizing pip Command

The most common way to check Python package versions is by using the terminal or command prompt with the pip command. By typing “pip freeze” in the command line, you will get a list of installed packages along with their versions.


pip freeze

Method 2: Using pip show Command

If you want detailed information about a specific package, you can use the “pip show” command followed by the package name. This will display version, location, dependencies, and other details for the chosen package.


pip show requests

Method 3: Employing Python Script

For more customized requirements, you can create a Python script that programmatically checks package versions. This method is useful when you need to automate version checks or integrate them into your application logic.

Example Python Script:

import pkg_resources
for dist in pkg_resources.working_set:
    print(dist.project_name, dist.version)


Being able to check Python package versions from the command line is an essential skill for any Python developer. Whether you use pip commands or Python scripts, keeping track of package versions ensures that your projects are up to date and functioning correctly.



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