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How to Compile a Java Package Using Command Line

Compiling Java packages through the command line provides an essential skill for Java developers. Below are steps to compile Java packages effortlessly.

Step 1: Create a Java Package

First, create a folder with your package name, and place your classes inside this folder. Remember to include a package declaration at the top of each Java file.

Step 2: Set Path Variables

Next, ensure your system’s path variable includes the path to your JDK’s bin directory. This allows you to run ‘javac’ from anywhere in the command line.

Step 3: Compile the Package

To compile a Java package named “myPackage” within the directory “src,” use the following command:

javac -d . srcmyPackage*.java

Here, the ‘-d’ flag specifies the destination directory for compiled class files. The ‘.*java’ wildcard compiles all Java files within the specified package.

Step 4: Run the Compiled Package

After compiling, execute your main class with the following command:

java -cp . myPackage.MainClass

This command runs the ‘MainClass’ file located within the ‘myPackage’ directory.


In conclusion, mastering the command line compilation of Java packages is pivotal to streamline the development process. By following these steps, you can efficiently compile and run your Java packages from the command line.



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