Celebrity Cruise Lines Internet Package Prices Revealed

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  • 2024-05-10
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The Ultimate Guide to Celebrity Cruise Lines Internet Package Prices

Are you planning a luxurious cruise with Celebrity Cruise Lines but unsure about the internet package prices? Look no further as we dive into the details of their internet packages for you to make an informed decision.

**Internet Package Options:**

**1. Surf Package – $15/day:** This package allows you to access social media, emails, and other light browsing activities.

**2. Stream Package – $25/day:** If you’re a streamer or want to watch your favorite shows on the go, this package is perfect for you.

**3. Premium Package – $35/day:** For those who need high-speed internet for work or other activities, this package offers the best connection speed.

**Additional Tips:**

  • Consider purchasing the internet package before your cruise to avail early booking discounts.
  • Check if the ship offers any internet package deals during off-peak times.
  • Monitor your internet usage to avoid unnecessary overage charges.

Now you have a better understanding of Celebrity Cruise Lines internet package prices, so you can stay connected while enjoying your vacation at sea!



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